Deactivate License

Your eVolve license may be deactivated when not in use. This may be helpful after purchasing and transitioning to a new computer, working from home, or freeing up a license for another user.

To deactivate license
  1. From the eVolve Electrical ribbon, click the About menu from the Resources panel and click Deactivate License.
  2. From the Please Confirm window, Yes.
The Serial Number may be obtained from the eVolve Licensing User Registration window (About\License Info).
  1. From the User Account Control window, click Yes.
  2. From the License Deactivation window, click OK.
  3. From the License Deactivated window, click OK.
  4. Close and restart Revit.
While times are typically under 5 minutes, it may take up to 30 minutes for the license to become available to activate on another machine.
When opening Revit, if the license for eVolve Electrical has been deactivated, the eVolve Licensing User Registration window appears stating the license is expired or is deactivated and is followed by load errors. If you do not plan on reactivating the license for eVolve Electrical, remove the eVolve Electrical for Revit 20xx program from the computer.

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