eVolve Electrical v4.2.9

Release Date 2/10/2021



  • Autodesk® Revit® 2019
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2020
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2021

Changes: 🕹

  • Continued Grid Standardization - Bulk Updating of Rules has been added to both Sleeve Settings and Project Bend Settings.⚙
  • Use Modify Spool on Spools within a Prefab Package - Customers using our beta Prefab Packages feature can now use Modify Spool on spools currently in a Package.📦
  • Update Conduit Length on Run Schedule via Load Runs - Customers using the Conduit Run Schedule feature "Load Runs" now updates the Modeled Length for the selected runs. When the user clicks "Apply" or "Ok" to close the window, the updated values will be pushed to the elements.

Fix: 🛠

  • Place Coupling Fixes
  • Fix Copying Conduit/Cable Elbow Error
  • Trapeze Hanger Rod Length and Points Move
  • Kick 90 reverse fixed end clears Dimension B


  • Honor Files With Different Origin Points
  • New notification pop-up displays as expected
  • Added User Defined Group back to default Shared Parameter File
  • Handle Multi-Trim Invalid Geometry Error
  • Update ConduitRun Calc to consider eVolve_Length parameter
  • Block user edits to 'Computed' points

Content Fixes Include: 🎮

  • Hangers:
    • Fixed points not being fixed to the rod ends
    • Fixed rod length issue when detaching specific tiers
  • Bends
    • Fixed remnant length for 4-point saddle
    • Fixed female adaptor on factory elbow
    • Fixed R20 & R21 kick 90 families
  • Misc
    • Slotted strut updated to 13/16" OD
    • EMT Connector causing conduit to slope
Content Updates Files Include:















Message From the eVolve Team
We would like to thank all customers who provided feedback and worked with support to document issues. It is a critical part of continuing to better the product!

Known Technical Issues

Revit 2019 users must have 2019.2 installed.

Compatibility issue with other addins

Our product uses DevExpress 19.2.7 for it's UI components. Any other Revit addin (regardless of vendor) installed on the client also using DevExpress but on a different version may cause crashes and/or unpredictable behavior with our product and/or the other addin. When this is the case, the user must either uninstall the other addin or contact the vendor to issue a new release with updated DevExpress references.

Unit precision

Content and/or default configurations shipped with the product use measurements of a set precision level. Revit projects must use (at a minimum) this precision level otherwise content and/or configurations may produce errors, incorrect results, or behave unpredictably.

Length units must be set to a precision of at least:

  • 1/16" in imperial
  • 0.001 m in metric

Configuration data will be saved against the precision level at the time of save, regardless of the precision level of the previous value.

For example, assume a configuration value is currently set to 2 1/32" and the current precision level is 1/16". When the user opens the configuration form, the value will show as 2 1/16". Upon the user clicking OK or Apply, the value will be saved as 2 1/16" even if the user did not explicitly update this particular value. The value will remain 2 1/16" even after the precision level is changed to 1/32", however at this point the user can update and save the configuration value as 2 1/32".

Project configuration setting incompatibilities introduced in 4.2

  • Cable Run Schedule
    • Existing configuration options on the Make Up Length tab will be lost upon update to 4.2. Additionally any changes made in 4.2 will not be honored in previous versions.
  • Conduit Run Schedule
    • This interface was overhauled to where most all data will not be recognized in pre-4.2. Any changes made within the configuration and saved in pre-4.2 will erase any set values on these fields in the project configuration.
  • Parameter Sync
    • Defining a PowerShell Script on a rule will not be honored pre-4.2. Any changes made within the configuration and saved in pre-4.2 will remove all PowerShell scripts from the project.
  • Point Manager
    • Origin and Use True North options will not be honored pre-4.2. Any changes made within the configuration and saved in pre-4.2 will reset these to default within the project.
  • Spooling Configuration
    • Pre-Fab Package Status will not be honored pre-4.2. Any changes made within the configuration and saved in pre-4.2 will reset these to default within the project.
  • Sleeve Configuration
    • Loaded Linked Models entries selected in pre-4.4 will not be honored and must be reselected within 4.4. Any changes made within the configuration and saved in pre-4.4 will reintroduce this issue.
  • Configurations which use Embedded Selection Filters Precision option not be honored pre-4.2. Any changes made within the respective configuration and saved in pre-4.2 will reset these to default within the project.

New user configuration settings introduced in 4.2

If a user is actively using both 4.2+ and a version prior to 4.2 on the same machine (across different versions of Revit), the following user machine configuration values will be erased/reset back to default after closing Revit where a pre-4.2 version was loaded.

  • Selection Filter Precision option
  • PowerShell security settings for Parameter Sync
  • Option to disable Conduit Schedule length calculations
  • Last used pre-fab package print set name
  • Dialog Suppressions configurations
  • Show Grouped columns option
  • Saved grid states


When a license is disabled, the following automatic processes will not run which can cause the elements they update to become "stale" and/or lead to data issues:

  • Any spools/elements with a Pre-Fab Package (eV_PackageId) assigned should not be manipulated in any way or data integrity issues can occur.
  • Conduit Schedule (Parameter Push) run assignment and updates on modifications during modeling
  • System Families/Content
    • Update of eVolve_Description on modeled content
    • Working with Bends, Offsets, and Kicks may fail or produce incorrect results
    • Working with Hangers may fail or produce incorrect results
  • Spool Modeling
    • Deletion: disassociates parts, deletes generated spool sheets
    • Change monitoring: assists in monitoring spools on the document
      • If this is re-enabled in a session where spools have been modified then this must be rebuilt by either closing/reopening the model or by opening Spool Manager.
        Failure to do so can cause incorrect behavior with the execution and/or detection of spooling events.
  • Kitting parameters syncing from active view to newly added Kit Areas
  • Parameter Sync
  • Workset Manager
  • Macro Automation


  • Parameter SyncWorkset Manager, and Macro Automation may not work correctly until a project is saved with a unique RVT file name.
  • If a Revit Workset referenced in a Workset Manager rule is deleted then Workset Manager configuration must be addressed immediately, otherwise elements may continue to be assigned to the deleted Workset.
  • Notifications are sourced from a new URL location: https://www.evolvemep.com/install/software-download/eVolveElectricalNotifications.xml
    Pre-4.0 versions will not receive notifications posted here.

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