Assign Run Id

eVolve Assign Run Id

The eVolve Assign Run Id feature allows users to quickly assign Conduit Run Schedule values to a conduit run. When applied, the schedule values will sync with the eVolve_ConduitRun_ shared parameters. A Revit schedule can also be created using the eVolve_ConduitRun parameters, and a sample schedule can be found within the eVolve Template file labeled eE_Conduit_Run_Schedule.

To Assign a Run Id

  1. From the eVolve Electrical ribbon, in the Raceways panel, click the Assign Run Id button.
  2. From the active project view, select an element that will be assigned the run id.
  3. When the Assign Run Id window appears, select a run from the drop down menu and click OK. The originally selected run will inherit this runs parameters.
  4. Continue steps 1-4 for each additional run to be reassigned.

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