Intro to Resources

Though not the shiniest features, eVolve Resources offer vital information to every user. Some features include...

  • View messages from our team
  • Get Involved with your Ideas
  • Direct link to Create a New Case / Ticket
  • Versioning and Support
  • Shorcuts

View Notifications

Whether it's information about how to attend customer meetings, or reminders on release dates, we use our notifications feature as a periodic way to get in touch. Don't worry, we keep this to a minimum.

  1. Click, View Notifications under the Resources Panel. Our most recent announcements will be listed.
    1. We will also show our important notifications on startup as well. Rest assured, this is strictly periodically, and only contains truly useful information.
    2. If applicable, click on a notification in the window to go to its respective link using your default web browser. An example of this would be a registration page for an upcoming Customer Update Meeting.

Contact Support

Though we hope it's rare, sometimes we all run into technical issues. Our team is standing by to assist in any issues encountered. Use this feature to contact support to get a tailored support ticket submitted and receive assistance.

  1. From the Help button, click Contact Support and the default web browser will load our Create a New Case page via our support portal.
    1. Fill out all the required fields in red.
    2. Complete the human verification process utilized to prevent something harmful from entering our system.
    3. Check the box to "Copy E-mail to Myself" to keep track of the progress.

Submit an Idea

Our Idea site is one of many links to our customers and it heavily drives our development. The Submit an Idea button links to the eVolve Electrical Idea Website where users can get involved with the community and product development.

  1. Click, Submit an Idea, and the default web browser will load the eVolve MEP website.
  2. Click on the Add a New Idea button to submit an idea.
    1. Be sure to fill out all the required fields highlighted in the form.
    2. Vote up ideas that other users have posted to let our development team know how urgent the need is for all ideas.


Whether looking to confirm an eVolve Electrical version or handle machine licensing, the About feature will provide the technical information needed.

Be sure to get familiar with these features since support will commonly ask for this information when submitting tickets.
  1. Click, About to see all the commands available which include:
    1. About
    2. License Info
    3. Deactivate License
    4. Reactivate Licence
    5. View Eula


  1. System Families
  2. Bend Families
  3. Workstation Settings
  4. Reset Workstation Settings

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