Product Introduction

EVOLVE Electrical is a Revit add-on created to improve the Revit workflows for the electrical industry. The trade-specific features and Revit tools aim to:

  1. Improve constructability and create models that can be built correctly.
  2. Reduce modeling time and effort -> create models faster, with consistency.
  3. Enrich and extract model data -> utilize data in downstream efforts.

There are two aspects to the EVOLVE Electrical add-on:

  1. Revit Content
    EVOLVE Electrical comes with a default family (.rfa) library which contains families that consist of generic & manufacturer specific commodities (boxes, fittings, hardware), trade-specific assemblies (panels, racks, hangers), coordination elements (gear, lights, clearances) and more.

    For more information click HERE.
  2. Revit Features
    The features are the tools that can provide automation to common tasks that Revit users perform on a daily basis, perform functions that native Revit can not do, and provide trade-specific functions that are unique to modeling electrical construction.

The features throughout EVOLVE Electrical typically fall into 3 categories:

  1. Modeling / Detailing
  2. Views & Sheets
  3. Productivity Tools

Additional Information

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