What's included in the software

What's included in the installation

Aside from the product install and Revit add-in, the following templates and resource files may help with setting up evolve Electrical for a user or team.

Resource Files

The eVolve installer provided will install Resource files designed to help make our tool run as efficiently as possible. Become familiar with the Template, Families, and Shared Parameters located at (C:\Program Files\eVolve\eVolve Electrical for Revit 202x\Resources)

Checking the families list for eE_Families

The eVolve Electrical families may be listed within these categories

  • Annotation Symbols
  • Generic Models
  • Conduit Accessories

Transferring project standards from (eE_Template.rte)

  • Browser Organization
  • Dimensions Styles
  • Filters
  • Line Styles
  • Object Styles
  • Project Parameters
  • Conduit Settings
  • Text Types
  • View Templates
When prompted to choose Override or New Only, be sure to use Override to ensure the settings load into the project. Use New Only if existing standards do not need to be overwritten.

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