Modify Spool

eVolve Modify Spool

The modify spool feature gives users the ability to quickly add or remove parts to a spool or even combine multiple spools.

An Asterisk * on an eVolve ribbon button indicates an extra eVolve Shift feature. Hover over the button for information regarding what it will do. Hold shift while clicking the button for the feature being used. The alternate feature will be activated.

To Modify a Spool

  1. From the eVolve Ribbon, in the Spooling panel, Select Modify Spool. Hold Shift when selecting Modify Spool to merge multiple spools into one.
  2. From an active project view, select the spool to be modified
  3. Add or Remove parts/spools by hovering over them and selecting them with a click
  4. Click Finish

The *Shift Modify Function

Hold shift and click the Modify Spool button to merge multiple spools into one spool.

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