5.4 Content Updates

New RMC End Connection Assembly

New Plastic Screw-on & Push-on Bushings

New Parametric Generator w/Optional Pad


Point with new tracking parameters

Templates have been aligned to standards and cleaned up unnecessary items

Schedules have been updated to work with new content & features

Hangers contain updated points & repaired point alignment

Conduit Bends now include a 2-piece option for offsets & 4 point saddles

Wireways descriptions w/part #'s

Junction boxes have optional finishes with descriptions

Kitting parameters are now LBS parameters throughout eVolve

CF_Coupling family has a Long Line option as an additional type

Spool window has an optional view title field


Strut end cap alignment

Round Auto-Sleeve description

Equipment panel text and clearance alignment

Wireway sweep 90 rotation

Redi-rail horizontal bend 36" breaking

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