Flexible Metal

The eVolve Flex Types Window

The eVolve Flex types window loads when the Flex button, in the raceway panel, is clicked. This window allows for the selection of either a Flex Metal type or a Liquid Tight type. The CategoryId, SubcategoryId, and Description can also be edited in this window.

To Draw with a Flex Type
  1. From the eVolve Electrical ribbon, in the Raceway panel, click the Flex button.
  2. From the Flex Types window, click Load Types to preload all flex types into the project for faster loading with future use.
  3. Select the desired flex type and click OK.
  4. Drawing with a Flexible Material family is the same as drawing with Revit’s Flex Pipe
Loading the first selection loads the entire family into the project. Once loaded, all types are found in standard Revit family locations. (Properties Palette, Project Browser, Systems Ribbon) This can be performed manually by clicking the Load Types button.




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