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eVolve Location Breakdown Manager

After locations have been created in a project, the eVolve Location Breakdown manager feature may be used. The Location Breakdown manager lists all the locations in the project along with all of the various filterable and sortable parameter values. The Location Breakdown manager can color filter lines based on user-defined status found within Breakdown Settings. Additional actions include Bulk Updates or changes within the active list, Generate Sheets, and Export Data.  

Tool Palette buttons

  • Generate Sheets - Creates sheets for selected locations.
  • Assign Level - used to apply the Location value of the eV_LBS_Id shared parameter to each component within the selected locations.
  • Open Sheets - displays sheets for selected locations if the sheets have been generated.
  • Create View/Sheet Set - produces a View/Sheet Set.
  • Export Data - exports the grid as current displayed in an .xlsx or .csv format.

Grid Columns

  • Location Name - used to apply a label to a location.
  • Layout - when checked, Layout = Yes, activating the location and indicates that the location contains modeled elements while the others of the same type do not.
  • Location Id - used to define the ID of the location.
  • Foresite Location - displays Foresite locations that can be mapped to Revit locations.
  • Element Filter - selects only the elements that adhere to the defined ruleset that will be included in the location.
  • Status - a menu of the available location statuses defined in Location Settings.
  • Scope Box - used to define the scope box the location is associated with.
  • Location Type - user-defined values that help categorize the various kinds of locations contained within the model.
  • Title Block - defines the title block used when creating location sheets.
  • Title Block Type - Lists the available types contained with the Title Block family.

Record Navigator buttons

  • Export to Excel - exports the grid as currently displayed to Excel.
  • Send to Data Tables - send all displayed columns and their values to Data Tables.
  • Bulk Update - allows for the values in multiple rows to be revised at once.

Calculating the Area of a Location

eVolve will automatically calculate the square area of a location to the nearest whole foot for both our eV_LBS family and in-place families. The value is written to the eV_LBS_AreaCalc parameter which may be displayed in selected managers.

To make the parameters available to select managers

  1. From the eVolve ribbon, in the Utilities panel, click the Settings menu and select Parameter Settings.
  2. From the Parameter Settings window, from the top row where the Click here to add a new row text is displayed-
    1. Click the Parameter Name menu and select the eV_LBS_AreaCalc parameter.
    2. Select the Manager(s) where the parameter will be displayed.
    3. Click OK to close the form or Apply to continue adding more parameters.

Displaying the parameters in the manger

  1. From the desired manager, right-click on any header column and select Column Chooser.
  2. From the Customization pop-up window, drag and drop the eV_LBS_AreaCalc parameter names into the row header and close the Customization window.

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