Parameter Sync

eVolve Parameter Sync

The new eVolve Parameter Sync feature allows users to create rules that will sync values between two parameters within a specified Revit category.

The Project Parameter Sync Window

  • Rank: When there are two rules attempting to write to the same shared parameter, this can be used to prioritize the rules.
  • Rule Name: A descriptive name for each rule to explain what the rule does
  • Category: Select which category hosts the data to retrieve the information from
  • Copy from Parameter: Specifies the parameter in the selected category that the data will be copied from
  • Copy to Parameter: Specifies the shared parameter that the information will be copied to
  • Auto: When used, elements and parameters are synced automatically on placement
  • Enabled: Yes/No, Allows or disallows the rule to run in the current project
  • Pending Action: Describes the state of the rule
  • Error Message: If the software finds errors with a rule, they will be displayed here



To Sync a Project Parameter

1.       From the eVolve Electrical ribbon, in the Utilities panel, click the Parameter Sync button.

2.       Enter a Rule Name for the new sync rule.

3.       Select a Category to apply the new sync rule to.

4.       Under Copy from Parameter, select a parameter to copy from.

5.       Under Copy to Parameter, select a parameter to copy to.

6.       Select the checkbox under Auto to automatically apply the filter once finished in this window. If the box is unchecked, the rule can be applied manually by clicking the refresh button. (If also Enabled)

7.       Select the checkbox under Enabled to enable that rule to be used in the current project.

8.       When finished creating rules, click OK.


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