Features for Recessed Can

General purpose

The Recessed Can family has some unique features centered around adjusting the size, shape, and placement of the can's aperture.

  • Aperture may be square or round
  • Aperture size is adjustable
  • Aperture may be centered or offset
Unique type parameter
  • Aperture_Diameter - controls the diameter of the aperture.
  • Aperture_Offset 1 - vertical offset from upper right corner.
  • Aperture_Offset 2 - Horizontal offset from upper right corner.

  • Aperture_Centered - when checked, offset values are ignored and aperture is centered.
  • Aperture_Round - when checked, the aperture's shape is round. This option is checked by default.
  • Aperture_Square - the aperture's shape is square when the Aperture_Round option is unchecked.

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