eVolve Electrical v3.4.3

Release Date 02/21/2020



  • Autodesk® Revit® 2018.3
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2019
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2020

Update Includes:


  • Cable Auto-routing 
  • Kitting toolset 
  • Cable Run toolset 
  • Content 
    • New v3 trapeze families & schedules
    • Enhancements to bend families
    • Transformer stand assembly
    • In-wall devices (LOD100)
    • Load Center with breakers
  • Family Browser Enhancements
    • Grid View 
    • Library creation from folder structure
  • Alignment Enhancements 
    • Align to Reference Plane/Surface or Conduit Edge option
    • Common Spacing option
  • Spooling Enhancements
    • Renaming 
    • Dynamic naming 
    • Status value tracking 
    • Sheet title block editing 
    • Print Set creation 
    • Bulk open sheets 
    • Option to Apply/Assign templates in sheets 
  • License concurrent mode 
  • Point Manager (View)/(Global) options 
  • Add 'Feed', 'Circuit' eE_ConduitRun parameters to project parameters 
  • Delete Workstation settings dialog 


  • 'eVolve_Offset' parameter is automatically set on Electrical Fixture and Lighting Fixture types 
  • Use 'Layout Point' instead of 'Control Point' for hosted points
  • Remove leading/trailing spaces from text values during Run Schedule import 
  • Family Browser clear button ignores library selections 
  • Changes to the Conduit menu icons and button order updates 
  • Reset View moved to underneath View Manager 
  • All grid forms implement the DevExpress EmbeddedNavigator for editing/deleting
  • Notifications requires only a single click to view 
  • Grid enhancements to Point Manager 
  • Updated Help icon displayed in upper right of forms 
  • Contact support link updated to "https://www.evolvemep.com/contact-support/"


  • UI
    • DPI scaling (4K monitor support) 
    • Remove line through checkboxes controlling groupings 
    • Remove dropdown button on family browser card view find 
  • Streamline undo events 
  • Minor fixes to some families 
  • Alignment crashes on pinned elements 
  • Point Manager 'Description' not saving when point has no host 
  • Canceling Point Manager dialog rolls back all commited changes 
  • Updates to Run Schedule pushes to fittings 
  • Better worksharing awareness with spooling
  • Notify user when point type cannot be loaded 
  • Conduit Run parameters not created in new model 
  • Error notice when attempting to space an unknown trade size 
  • Push run parameters to nested elements 
  • About available menu options available without a document open 
  • Help links added to Points, View Manager, Reset Workstation Settings, View Notifications

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