Strut Transformer Stand Type 1


The family, eE_ASM_Strut_TX_Stand_Type_1, is another powerful eVolve prefab family. This rack is designed to have a transformer mounted to the top, but there can be many more uses for it. All dimensions and hardware options are adjustable and will report to eVolve Boms and Schedules.

Instance Properties

Frame Dimensions

  • Frame Height
  • Frame Width
  • Frame Depth
  • Extend Back Strut- If needed, enter the amount desired for the strut to extend from the back of the rack. Typically for support purposes. (This is where wall support L Brackets get placed when turned on)

Cross Supports

  • Show Center Cross Support- Turns on a cross support on the top of the frame
  • Center Cross Support Offset- Distance from the front edge of the frame

Conduit Support

  • Show Leg Brace- Turn on leg braces. Mounted front to back
  • Leg Brace Height- Height from bottom of frame

Frame Support

  • Wall Support L Bracket- Turn on wall support L Brackets. Attache to rear strut extension.
  • Floor Support L Bracket- Turn on floor support L Brackets. Attache to base of strut legs.

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