Floor Boxes: Round and Rectangular

Round Floor Box Overview

The eVolve Round Floor Box family is available in standard round form and also as a poke-through assembly. Both have adjustable bases and cover visibility. For the poke-through assembly, both nipples and the junction are adjustable.

  • Floor Box Options
    • Floor_Box_Diameter- Base diameter
    • Floor_Box_Depth- Base depth
    • Wall_Thickness- Base & cover steel thickness
    • Poke_Through_Nipple_Length- Length of single nipple attachment
    • Poke_Through_Assembly_Nipple_Length- Length of nipple attachment that is part of the poke-through assembly and connects to the junction box.
    • Junction_Depth- Top to bottom length
    • Junction_Length- Side 1 length
    • Junction_Width- Side 2 length
  • Cover Options
    • Show_Cover- Check to show cover
    • Show_Cover_Text- Check to show cover text
    • Cover_Text- Enter desired cover text here
  • Clearance Options
    • Show_Clearance- Check to make clearance visible
    • Clearance_Width- Clearance width is from the outside edge of the base going outward.
  • Layout Points
    • Show_Layout_Point
    • Point_Description
    • Point_Layer
    • Point_Status
    • Point_Export_Date
    • Point_Id

Rectangular Floor Box Overview

  • Floor Box Dimensions
    • Box_Depth
    • Box_Length
    • Box_Width
  • Floor Box Options
    • Wall Thickness
    • Show_Cover
    • Cover_Thickness
    • Show_Cover_Text
    • Cover_Text
  • Clearance Options
    • Show_Clearance
    • Clearance_Width- Width of clearance from outside edge going away from the wall

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