Parameter Organization

  • The parameter category Constraints is used for user-adjustable parameters. These parameters are primarily used for configuring the family.
  • The parameter category Dimensions is used for grouping parameters essential to parametric family function. These formulas are driven by user selections of parameters in the Constraints category. These parameters are critical to the parametric operation of EVOLVE families and should be edited with caution. Editing or deleting these parameters may result in unpredictable results.
  • The parameter category Identity Data is used for grouping parameters with additional Revit metadata. In some families, the values for these families may be automatically generated based on EVOLVE provided Parameter Sync rules.

link to parameter sync

  • Within any category, there may additional headers, identifiable by grey text and a "---" prefix and suffix. These headers are eVolve created family parameters intended to make navigation easier in congested categories. The values for these parameters are locked by formulas and are thus not editable by the user. Deleting these parameters is not recommended.

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