Intro to EVOLVE Content

There are two types of families that users should understand in order to begin modeling with EVOLVE content:

Parameter Organization

  1. System Families

    System families are Revit host elements that are "build-in place" during modeling, such as; Conduit, Cable Tray, Flex Pipe, Walls, Floors, etc. EVOLVE provides a System Family feature within the Utility panel that will load system families into the Revit project file along with corresponding routing preferences, families, and settings.

    Click HERE for more information.
  2. Component Families

    Component families are all other families other than system families. These are editable Revit familiy files (.rfa) that EVOLVE provides as part of the installation. The default EVOLVE familiy library consists of items such as:
    • Commodity Parts - Boxes, Fittings, Hardware, Strut, Connectors, etc
    • Generic Coordination Elements - Light Fixtures, Electrical Equipment, Layout Points, Clearances, etc.

    EVOLVE component families are on-demand loaded into the Revit project through the EVOLVE Family Browser.

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For a more in-depth track focused on just Revit content and families, click HERE.

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