Overview of the eVolve Family Browser

The eVolve Family Browser is designed to easily locate content based on family parameter values. Families may be grouped, filtered, and/or searched to limit content and fine-tune the displayed results. Expand search results by adding custom libraries that may reside on a local machine or company network.

The eVolve Family Browser has two different view types, Card View and Grid View. The Card view displays information about each family and/or type contained within the library, however, the displayed information is limited by predetermined fields. The Grid View has the ability to display all of the information contained on the card view and also the metadata extracted from the .xlsx file at the time the library was created.

The Card View

eVolve allows cards to be organized in three tabs, All, Favorites, and Recent. The All tab shows every card in the library. Cards can easily be added to the Favorites tab by right-clicking on a card and clicking Yes on the Confirmation window. Once clicked, cards appear in the Recent tab. The Recent tab has a display limit of 20 cards.

NOTE: The All, Favorites, and Recent tabs are only utilized in the Card View.

The Grid View

TIP: You can assign shortcuts to your families for quick placement within Grid View.

eVolve Electrical version 3.0 and greater, ships with predefined content that is continually being updated. However, you may also add your own content that can be filtered, grouped, and searched with the eVolve electrical Family Browser. See Library Configuration in the Relevant Articles section below.

Using the Family Browser

The eVolve Family Browser is a dock-able window. The window size and location is remembered for future sessions. Typically, the browser is placed on a secondary monitor to easily access the content.

The eVolve Family Browser's filtering and grouping feature display cards to quickly find relevant content.

The eVolve Family Browser's search feature is a powerful tool to quickly zero in on specific content. The search tool may be used in conjunction with the filter and grouping features or may search all libraries.

Relevant Articles

Library Configuration

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