Hanger Placement

To use the Hanger Placement Feature

  1. From the eVolve Electrical ribbon, in the Utilities panel, click the Place Hangers button
  2. From an active Project View, Select a section of the run that the hangers will be placed on
  3. Click Finish to bring up the User Place Conduit Hangers window.

  1. Choose a Placement Mode
    1. Entire Path- Entire Run of selected segment(s)
    2. Change of Direction- Ends Auto Hanger placement at the next elbow
    3. Single Hanger- The long way to place one hanger
  2. Setup the Hanger Configuration & Attachment
    1. Hanger Type- We recommend leaving the Auto Detect Type box checked here. This allows the system to decide when to place a single or multi-tiered hanger.
    2. Hanger Spacing- Distance between hangers
    3. Distance From Bend- How far from a bend to place a hanger
    4. Attach to Linked Model
    5. Attach to Reference Plane
    6. Attatch to Nearest Structure Overhead
    7. Distance Below Level
  3. Setup the Strut Configuration
    1. Determine Conduit Position- Where the conduit is placed on the selected strut type
    2. Strut Size- 7/8", 1-5/8", 2-7/16', 3-1/4"
    3. Strut Type- Single Chanel Up, Single Channel Down, Back to Back Channel
    4. Width Rounding- Option to round the width of the rack. 0", 2", 6", 1'
  4. Setup Rod Configuration
    1. Gap Distance- Rod to Conduit Spacing
    2. Center Rod- Optional center support rod. Choose from None, All Hangers, or Set Minimum Width of hangers to add center rods to.
    3. Hanger Attachment- None, Beam Clamp, Blue Banger, Embed, Rod Coupling
  5. Click OK

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