CSV Data Exchange

The CSV Data Exchange allows users to export or import parameter data to/from a Revit project using one of the Integration Profiles.

Prior to running this feature, confirm the selection. If nothing is selected, the feature will be run on everything in the current view. If elements are pre-select before running this utility, it will only be run on those selected elements.

How to use this feature:

  1. Choose the export or import direction
  2. The export/import direction will filter the profile list and will only show profiles that match the direction selected
  3. Choose Optional Columns to include this information in the export
  4. Choose a path and file name
  5. Choose a delimiter
  6. Click OK

Technical Note

The CSV Data Exchange feature is open source and built using our Integration API! If you would like to make modifications to the feature or see an example of the API in action, simply go to the GitHub Repository https://github.com/AppliedSoftware/eVolve-MEP-CSV-Data-Exchange .

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