Element Swap

Element Swap


Swaps the position of one selected element with another chosen element.

  • eVolve tab ⮞ Quick Tools panel ⮞ Element Swap button


IMPORTANT: This is an advanced feature; constraints have been removed, and using this feature can cause elements to become disconnected.

  1. From the eVolve ribbon, in the Quick Tools panel, click Element Swap.
  2. From the drawing area, click the first element and then click the second. The element's position swap.

NOTE: Element's are not rotated when swapped, their original orientation is kept.

Tips and Tricks

  • The Selection Configuration for the Element Swap feature is associated with the Other Quick Tools Selection Configuration. Modifying the Other Quick Tools Selection Configuration allows adding/removing of categories and conditions for the Element Swap selection's element filter.
  • The main use case of this tool is to "swap" elements within intersecting runs, to eliminate the crossing/clashing of two straight elements. However, this tool can swap the position of any two elements that are selected, whether part of a connected run or a single unconnected element.

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