Reset Workstation Settings

Resetting Workstation Settings


The summary should speak to the user, why this feature is useful and what are the benefits.

  • eVolve tab ⮞ Resources panel ⮞ Settings menu ⮞ Resetting Workstation Settings button

Window Overview

Unless directed by support, resetting Machine Settings is not recommended.
  • Machine Settings - restores the eVolveMechanicalGlobalUserSettings.xml to factory state.
    NOTE: the .xml file is found in C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\eVolve\eVolve Mechanical

  • Dialog Window Positions and Size - restores all windows' height, width, and location to their default settings.
  • Saved Grid States - deletes all saved grid states.
  • Reset to default theme - restores the theme to Visual Studio 2013 Light
  • Suppressed Messages - reactivates all hidden eVolve warnings/messages. Typically, users check a "Do not display again" checkbox to suppress a message.
    • Manage button - This allows you to choose which messages to reset.

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