The eVolve Pathway raceway feature allows users to quickly draw a placeholder, or pathway, for future raceways. Using Revit's duct with eVolve's pathway fittings, pathways can be easily created, sized, and color-coded as needed.

The System Families/Pathway tab

To draw with pathway

  1.  From the eVolve Electrical ribbon, in the Utilities panel, click System Families.
  2. From the System Families window, on the Pathway tab, click Load Types.
  3. Once the types are loaded, double-click the desired row to start drawing.
  4. Select a type and click OK.

To change pathway color

  1. From chosen view, type "VV" or "VG" to bring up the Visibility/Graphic Override window.
  2. From the Filters tab, click Add.
  3. Scroll down and select eE_Pathway , click OK.
  4. From the Filters tab, next to eE_Pathway , click the Override button under Patterns.
  5. Select a Pattern (solid fill, materials, etc.) and select a Color. Click OK.
  6. Click Apply and OK to exit the Visibility and Graphics Override window.

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