Auto Route Settings

Auto Route Settings


Auto Route Settings allows for control over how far a conduit run may extend from a pathway, what type and how much run spacing to apply and, how start and finish elements should be filtered and identified.

  • eVolve tab ⮞ Resources panel ⮞ Settings menu ⮞ Auto Route Settings button



  1. From the eVolve ribbon, in the Resources panel, click the Settings menu, then click Auto Route Settings.

Window Overview

  • Distance from Pathway - this value defines the maximum distance between the equipment from pathway that the feature will route to.
  • Run Spacing panel
    • Equal Spacing radio button - applies the specified spacing value based on the conduit's center line.
    • Edge to Edge radio button - applies the spacing from the edge of one conduit to nearest edge of the next conduit.
  • Start & Finish Elements panel
    • Element Filter - defines what elements are valid start and end points for routing.
    • Id Parameter menu - defines the parameter that contains the unique identifier for each Start and Finish element that matches the Conduit Run Schedule.
    • Limit to Current View checkbox - limits the selection of start and finish elements to only elements within the view.

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