Conduit Run Schedule

eVolve Conduit Run Schedule

The eVolve Conduit Run Schedule is designed to create, modify, and manage conduit run data. Schedule data can be entered manually or loaded from a pre-configured excel file that is generated directly from eVolve to Excel. Once assigned, each run will appear on a Conduit Run Schedule in the Project Browser and can be assessed for several errors with the Error Check feature. The Conduit Run Schedule is also where the setup for System Colors resides.

To Open the Project Conduit Run Schedule Window

1.       From the eVolve Electrical ribbon, in the Raceways panel, click the Conduit button to open the Conduit menu.

2.       Click Conduit Run Schedule.


Creating a Conduit Run Schedule Manually

From the Project Conduit Run Schedule window, data can be manually entered as needed, with only a Run Id required to generate a schedule. Each run must have its own unique run id to generate a schedule.

Creating a Conduit Run Schedule from an Exported Excel File.

1.       From the Project Conduit Run Schedule window, in the Run Schedule tab, click Export to Excel.

2.       Enter a File Name and select a Save Location. Click Save to bring up an Excel file formatted for this feature. Fill out the sheet or save for future use.

3.       From the Project Conduit Run Schedule window, in the Run Schedule tab, click Import from Excel.

4.       Select the Excel file to load into the project and click Open.

5.       Click Apply once the schedule generates in the Project Conduit Run Schedule window.

6.       Click on category names to filter each category if needed. Edit data as required.


Error Condition Highlighting

From the Project Conduit Run Schedule window, in the Options tab, click on applicable boxes to activate highlighting, select the color for each option, and click OK

Run Id Not Scheduled- Highlights conduit where a user entered run data directly into the Properties Palate, which does not appear in the run schedule.

Run Id Not Assigned- Highlights conduit that is not yet assigned a run id.

Size- Highlights conduit that was drawn with a different size than listed in the Conduit Run Schedule.

Additional Options- The remaining options will highlight respective runs with values not matching the Conduit Run Schedule.

Automatically Push Run Information- When checked, allows two conduits from different assigned runs to join into one run without a prompt to choose which run name to keep for the description. It is recommended that this option remains checked. The assignment can easily be change with Assign Run Id.

 Enable System Colors

This feature allows for the assigning of colors, patterns, and materials to conduit runs in a project. The colors can be turned on and off in the Conduit panel of the eVolve ribbon.

To Utilize eVolve System Colors

  1. From the Project Conduit Run Schedule window, in the Options tab, Click Enable Systems Colors to access its setup
  2. Under System, Enter the system name of the run that will become colored. The entered text must exactly match one of the Run ids listed in the run schedule tab
  3. Under Foreground, Select a Color and typically, Solid Fill
  4. Select a background (pattern fill) and material if needed
  5. Continue Steps 2-4 as needed to complete setting up the project or what is needed at the time
  6. Click OK
  7. System Colors can be toggled on and off from the Conduit panel in the eVolve ribbon.

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