Assign Run Id

Assign Run Id


The Assign Run Id feature enables users to quickly assign Conduit Run Schedule values to a conduit run. When applied, the schedule values will synchronize with the eVolve_ConduitRun_ shared parameters. Additionally, a Revit schedule can be created using the eVolve_ConduitRun parameters, and a sample schedule can be found within the eVolve Template file labeled eE_Conduit_Run_Schedule.

  • eVolve tab ⮞ Conduit Data panel ⮞ Assign Run Id button


  1. From the EVOLVE ribbon, in the Conduit Data panel, click the Assign Run Id button.
  2. From the active project view, select an element that will be assigned the run Id.
  3. When the Assign Run Id window appears, select a run from the drop-down menu and click OK. The run that was originally selected will inherit this run's parameters.
  4. Continue steps 1-4 for each additional run to be reassigned.

Window Overview

Run Id panel

  • Run Id menu - displays all runs in the Conduit Run Schedule
  • Only Show Available Runs checkbox - when checked, the Run Id menu is filtered and only displays runs that have not been assigned a Run Id
  • Filter by selection checkbox - when checked, the Run Id menu only displays runs applicable to the selected runs. For example, if two conduit runs are selected, then the Run Id menu will only display runs of the same size and with a parallel quantity of 2.

Tips and Tricks

Adding Run Schedule parameters

NOTE: As of 7.4 and higher, the Column Chooser now includes all of the "Run Schedule" fields.

To add a Run Schedule parameter to the Run Id menu grid
  1. Right-click on a column header and select Column Chooser.
  2. From the Customization panel, drag and drop the desired parameters to the Run Id menu grid.
  3. After the desired parameters have been add, close the Customization panel.

Grid States

  • TIP: While the embedded grids do not have the Grid States feature, the state of the grid and its columns are perpetual and will persist once Revit is reopened. To quickly restore a grid to the default state, right-click in the upper left corner of the grid.

Best Practices

  • IMPORTANT - Always use the Assign Run Id feature to assign run Ids. Manually entering a run Id into the eE_ConduitRun_Id parameter does not assign the run Id and will cause unexpected behavior.
  • To make finding the correct run Id easier, take advantage of the Filter by selection checkbox.

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