Deleting eVolve Parameters

Deleting eVolve Parameters

  1. Macros must be enabled in Revit, see Enabling Macros.
  2. From the Revit ribbon, click the Manage tab, then click Macro Manager in the Macros panel.
  3. From the Macro Manager window, click the second tab, then click the Module button from the Create panel.
  4. From the Create a New Module window, complete the following steps:
    1. Type DeleteParameters in the Module name field. Make sure the module name does not contain any spaces.
    2. Ensure the Language to C#, the Description is optional.
    3. Click OK. The Revit macro IDE application launches.
  1. From the Revit macro IDE application, create a couple of line breaks after the Revit Macros generated code section and then highlight the line as shown below:

  1. From Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\eVolve\eVolve Mechanical for Revit 20xx\Resources, open the DeleteParametersMacro.txt file, copy the entire contents, and paste the contents into the highlighted line above.
  2. From the Revit macro IDE ribbon, in the Build menu, click Build Solution (or click the Build button on the ribbon) and confirm the macro was built successfully.
  3. Close the Revit macro IDE window.
  4. From the Macro Manager window, expand the DeleteParameters macro, select DeleteProjectMacros, and click Run:
  5. After the macro completes successfully, it can be safely deleted from the project.

IMPORTANT: After the parameters have been deleted, the model must be refreshed.

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