Hot Keys for Everyday Usage

For those new to using keybaord shortcuts, the following are some common Revit features worth having shortcuts for.

Align (AL)

Aligned Dimension (DI)

Conduit (CN)

Create Similar (CS)

Copy (CO)

Edit Witness Lines (EW)

Fine Detail (DF)

Hidden Line (HL)

Hide Elements (EH)

Isolate Element (HI)

Medium Detail (DM)

Move (MV)

Reference Plane (RP)

Snap Center (SC)

Rotate X (RX)

Rotate Y (RY)

Rotate Z (RZ)

Save Orientation and Lock 3D View (SV)

Text (TX)

Thin Lines (TL)

Tile Windows (WT)

Unhide Element (EU)

Unlock 3D View (UL)

Visibilty Graphics (VG#VV)

WireFrame (WF)

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