Fiberglass Handhole - Rectangular

Assembly Overview

The rectangular fiberglass handhole family consists of a handhole body, a cover, and depth extensions. It can be made into dozens of configurations and each contains optional layout points.

Instance Properties
  • Cover Options
    • Show Cover- Toggle the visibility of the cover
    • Show Cover Text- Toggle the visibility of the cover text
    • Cover Text- Enter Desired cover text here
    This option uses a multi-line text field. Click in the cell that contains the default cover text. A small gray box with three dots will appear in the cell. Click that box and a popup window will appear that will allow for multiple lines. Enter the desired text there and click ok for the text to apply.
  • Handhole Dimensions- Select a L x W handhole dimension
  • Handhole Depth- Select the handhole depth
  • Handhole Extensions (Always same L x W as handhole)
    • Show Extension 1- Toggles the visibility of extension 1
    • Ext 1 Size Options- Select a depth for extension 1
    • Show Extension 2- Toggle the visibility of extension 2
    • Ext 2 Size Options- Select a depth for extension 2

Layout Points

  • Point Description- Add a small note for keeping track of placed points
  • Point Ids- Id's assigned to the corners of the handhole
Type Properties
  • Show Points- Activate or turn off nested points

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