Compare Data Utility

Compare Data Utility


The Compare Data Utility allows you to view and differentiate the parameters and their values of selected elements.

  • eVolve tab ⮞ Utilities panel ⮞ Compare Data button


  1. From the drawing area, select the desired elements for comparison.
  2. From the eVolve ribbon, in the Utilities panel, click Compare Data. The Compare Data window is displayed.
  3. After the comparison is complete, click Close.

Window Overview

  • Selected Elements grid - displays the selected elements.
  • Data Comparison grid - the information displayed in the grid is populated based on the selected elements and the elected options selected in the Parameters Display Options panel.
  • Parameter Display Options panel
    • Group Values checkbox - when enabled, parameters are grouped by the Revit Parameter Group they belong.
    • Show Only Differences checkbox - when enabled, like parameter values are hidden.
    • Fit Columns to Grid checkbox - when enabled, parameter columns are sized to fill the visible space in the grid. When disabled, column widths may be individually sized.
    • Show Distinct Values checkbox - when enabled, a Distinct Values column is displayed. The column displays a list of unique values per parameter.
    • Element Limit selector - specifies the selection threshold, which prevents the window from automatically refreshing; enter 0 for no limit. This is a performance setting, as large selection sets can cause Revit to pause while values are calculated.
    IMPORTANT: The following selection method is experimental and is generally unsupported. If problems result, this should be disabled.
    • Use enhanced selection detection (Experimental) - Uses a more responsive method for detecting changes in element selections.

Tips and Tricks

  • TIP: elements may be selected/deselected while the Compare Data window is displayed.


Compare Data Utility

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