Generic Hash Utility

Generic Hash Utility


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  • eVolve tab ⮞ Prefabrication panel ⮞ Define Spool button



  1. From the eVolve ribbon, in the Prefabrication panel, click Define Spool.
  2. From the Create/Define Spool window, enter a value in the Starting Spool Name field, and click OK.
  3. From the drawing area, using a window selection or crossing window selection, choose the desired elements to spool and click Finish in the Options Bar.
  4. Continue to select elements to spool or click Finish in the Options Bar to complete the session.

Window Overview

  • Starting Spool Name input box/menu - The value specified will be applied to all spools created in the session. While the name may be alphanumeric, it must end with a numeric value.
  • Create Sheet(s) on Finish checkbox panel - If enabled, eVolve will create the sheets for the defined spool(s) on finish using the title block defined in step 3. If disabled, the spool sheets may be created within the Prefab Manager.
    • Sheet Title Block menu - If Create Sheet(s) on Finish is enabled, the selected Title Block will be applied to all defined spools.
    • Sheet Title Block Type menu - If applicable, this field is used to define the type of the selected title block family.
    • Open Create Sheet(s) checkbox - if enabled, all created sheets will open after completing the session.
  • Settings button - blah blah blah

Tips and Tricks

  • Dynamic naming of spools - blah blah blah
  • Automatically creating sheets - blah blah blah

Best Practices

  • Blah blah blah
  • Blah blah blah


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2. From the Insert Embed screen, paste the desired URL into the URL field and click Embed.

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