EVOLVE Electrical v6.4.4 HotFix (2020 Only)


  • Downloads: http://evolvemep.com/downloads
  • Feedback and Ideas: https://www.evolvemep.com/evolve-electrical-ideas/
  • Support: https://www.evolvemep.com/contact-support/
  • Foresite: https://foresite.evolvemep.com/


  • Autodesk® Revit® 2020.2.9


The eVolve 6.4.4 hotfix addresses the following changes:


  • Do not allow loose nested parts in spools or packages
  • Data Table 'Decimal' columns use .NET double data type
  • Windows User Profile path persisted as a transient path name
  • Remove Foresite Project link requirement
  • Remove ability to create Foresite Project


  • Honor cancel button on Concentric Radius prompt
  • Compare Data may sometimes show progress bar on selection after close
  • Data Profiles allows saving while data errors are present

📂Content Updates

  • None

🧠Technical Notes

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