RediRail Cable Tray System Overview & Modeling

System Overview

Due to popular requests, eVolve contains a group of cable tray families based on the B-Line Redi Rail Cable Tray System. The system includes straight ladder sections, crosses, tees, horizontal bends, vertical bends, and reducers. All widths and depths are adjustable in addition to many other options.

Modeling with the Redi-Rail families

These families utilize the stick-building method of modeling. Start by placing a part in the model at the desired location and height and make any adjustments to the family. Drag the next part towards the side to connect to. Once the two connectors are within close range of each other, a small magenta circle will appear, and the part may even align itself if at different angles. Clicking on that circle or in the general area will cause the parts to join and the newly added piece will auto-size to the part it was attached to. Continue building the system piece by piece. Many parts can be rotated using the MEP Rotate and the X,Y,Z rotate tools in the eVolve Electrical ribbon.

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