Copy Elements

Copy Elements


Copying common layouts to other runs is often painstaking; from first having to copy the parts and then manually making the connections to the new run, Revit sure doesn't make it easy, but the Copy Elements tool does. This feature allows standard layouts to be quickly selected and copied to other runs, and EVOLVE makes the connection for you.

  • eVolve tab ⮞ Quick Tools panel ⮞ Copy Elements button


  1. From the eVolve ribbon, in the Quick Tools panel, click Copy Elements.
  2. From the drawing area, select the desired elements to copy.
  3. From the Options Bar, click Finish.

NOTE: if the selection contains more than one open end, you will be prompted to select the end to connect.

  1. From the drawing area, click an element's free end to paste and connect the selection.
  2. Continue pasting the selection to free ends; press ESC to end the command.

TIP: The Copy Elements' predefined selection filter can be modified via the Selection Configuration. Please see the link in the Relevant Articles below.

Relevant Articles

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