Overview of the eE_Spool Titleblocks

The eE_Spool Titleblocks utilize a family called Spool Window which can display both Views and Schedules. The Spool Window family is multi-functional and created in a way to easily select views, assign view templates, and resize viewports. To apply to other titleblocks, simply load the Spool Window family along with the View Templates into a project. The included titleblock templates contains additional views displayed outside the bounds of the sheet which may be swapped with existing views or added to the sheet. Depending on the selected type, the Start/Stops are color coded to visually identifying the view type.

The eVolve Electrical software has a few predefined titleblocks that are found in C:\Program Files\eVolve\eVolve Electrical for Revit 20xx\Resources\Families.

Options for the Spool Window Family

PlaceOnSheet – when checked, the view(s) appear on generated sheets

When unchecked, the views are still created and may be found under Assemblies in the Project Browse

View Template – defines the view template. Must enter a view template that exists in the project being used

From the ribbon, the view templates are found in View\View Template
When assigning a View/Schedule Type, ensure the proper View Template is assigned

Use View Title - select to use the custom view title

View title - user definable and displays name of the selected view 

Height – user definable and displays the current height of the selected view

Width – user definable and displays the current width of the selected view

The viewport may also be resized by dragging the grips located on each of the four sides of the viewport. Resizing of the viewport also changes the scale size.
Choose View or Schedule

Checking one of the following View/Schedule Type options will display the view or schedule in the selected viewport. In order to function properly, only one type may be selected per viewport. When a View Type is checked, the name of the selected view type is displayed in the viewport. When a Schedule Type is checked, the name of the View Template is displayed in the viewport.

  • 3d Ortho
  • Section A
  • Section B
  • Elevation Top
  • Elevation Bottom
  • Elevation Left
  • Elevation Right
  • Elevation Front
  • Elevation Back
  • Part List - creates a multi category schedule, Recommended, a view template must be assigned
  • Single Category - must be defined, type into the value field of Schedule Category, found directly below
  • Schedule Category - location to define which category to use when Single Category Schedule is selected
If views are not correct or information is not displayed properly, edit the viewport and check the Construction parameters. The Construction parameters are preset values that drive the Spool Window family. If errors are displayed in the Construction parameter fields, check the current selections to make sure the proper View Type, Schedule Type, and View Template are correct.
To utilize these feature while using a non-eVolve titleblock, open an evolve title block, select a section view, click edit family, and load it into the custom title block. Repeat for these steps for additional views to build a complete custom titleblock.
Editing and modifying the Spool Window family is not recommended and may cause undesired results.

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