Error: "There is no defined conduit size available" when drawing with MC Cable?

Why does this error appear when trying to draw with MC Cable?

This error occurs when the MC Cable Standards have not been set up in Revit. This should not occur when using the eVolve template because we have set this up already.

To Create/Edit Revit MC Cable Standards:
  1. From the Revit Manage tab, click on Mep Settings to open the drop-down menu
  2. Select Electrical Settings
  3. From the Electrical Settings window, under Conduit Settings, click on Size. The Standard drop-down will show all created standards.
  4. With EMT displayed as the standard, click the Create New icon.
  5. Enter a name for the new standard ("MC Cable" for this example). Then select which standard to base it on. This essentially duplicates the standard selected and adds the new name.
  6. With the new standard displayed, delete all shown sizes except for one by clicking on a size and then clicking on Delete Size.
  7. In the remaining displayed size, enter new size values into the related fields.
  8. To add additional sizes, click on New Size and repeat step 7.
  9. When finished adding cable sizes, click ok.

The project is now set up with the MC Cable Standard and the Auto-Route cable tool will now function as intended.

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