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Welcome to EVOLVE Electrical, the industry-leading Revit add-on for Electrical contractors. The following will provide users with a guide to get started.

User / Workstation Setup

The initial setup process is as follows:

  1. Create account

    TIP: With EVOLVE's named user licensing system, company admins manage all company licenses and users. If you have not been invited to create an account, contact your company admin or
  2. Install EVOLVE Electrical

    TIP: EVOLVE Electrical is a desktop application that has a separate installer for each Revit version, go HERE to download the latest installers.
  3. Launch Revit / Log-in

Product Breakdown

There are two aspects to the EVOLVE Electrical add-on:

  1. Revit Content
    EVOLVE Electrical comes with a default family (.rfa) library which contains families that consist of generic & manufacturer specific commodities (boxes, fittings, hardware), trade-specific assemblies (panels, racks, hangers), coordination elements (gear, lights, clearances) and more.

    For more information click HERE.
  2. Revit Features
    The features are the tools that can provide automation to common tasks that Revit users perform on a daily basis, perform functions that native Revit can not do, and provide trade-specific functions that are unique to modeling electrical construction.

Using the Product

Once EVOLVE Electrical is installed, users should familiarize themselves with the content and features before jumping into an existing project. The two best approaches would be to:

  1. EVOLVE Sample Files

    TIP: The best place to start is to download the EVOLVE Sample Files which provides a sample model that contains many settings, configurations and content all configured to begin working with.
  2. Create a New Project
    It is not required to start with the EVOLVE project template, but it is best practice to familiarize yourself with the content that EVOLVE provides.
    Tip: For first-time users that are creating a new project, it's best to start with the EVOLVE project template that is provided with the install files. This project template provides some schedules, legends, and view templates that will provide a good starting point.

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