Nesting Points

Rather than adding points to each instance of an object, it can be much faster to have points already nested into the family, so that when the object is placed, the point(s) is ready for use.

Nesting a Point into a Family

  1. From a project, locate or place an item that will be hosting the point.
  2. From the Layout Points panel, in the eVolve Ribbon, click the type of Point that will be nested and place it in the project near the new host. (See below)
  1. Select the Host item and click Edit Family
  2. Return to the original project and view, select the Point and click Edit Family.
  3. Click Load into Project and Close, when the window appears, select the new host family and click OK.
  1. Place the Point at the desired location and lock it to the appropriate reference planes.
  2. From the Family Editor, click Family Types
  1. When the Family Types window appears, click Create New Parameter
  1. In the Parameter Properties window, match the following options to create a description parameter:

Click OK.

  1. Repeat Step 8.
  2. In the Parameter Properties window, match the following options to create an ID parameter(s):

(Repeat, with increasing numbers, if additional points are being placed into the host)

Click OK to apply these settings and close the Family Types window.

  1. From the Family Editor, select a Point that was just added.
  2. In the Properties Palette, Link Layout_Point_Description to the new parameter Point_Description, and link Layout_Point_Id to Point_Id1.
    1. To link the two parameters, within the properties palette, in a parameter line, click the small gray box located on the right side of the blank text field.
    2. A window will appear with a list of parameters available for linking. Choose an appropriate parameter and click OK. If the link worked, the gray box will have an = in it.
  1. In the blank text field next to eV_Host_PointDesc_ParameterName, Type Point_Description (Or whatever name was used for the description parameter, must match exactly)
  2. In the blank text field next to eV_Host_PointId_ParameterName, Type Point_Id1 (Or whatever name was used for the Id parameter, must match exactly)
  1. Repeat Steps 12-15 for any additional points being added
  2. Load the new host family back into the project and utilize points as usual.

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