Create Points

Overview of the Create Points window

The Create Points window lets users quickly define the point's metadata and select the type and number of points to place.

  • Family Type menu - reads and displays all eV_Point types found in Project Browser\Families\Generic Models\eV_Points.
    • Centerline Point
    • Control Point
    • Layout Point
    • Rectangular Sleeve Point
    • Round Sleeve Point
  • Point Information panel defines metadata meant to identify a particular point or group of points.
    • Starting Point Number - the value is written to the Layout_Point_Id parameter. As points are placed, they will sequence to the next available number. The numbering may be changed from the Point Manager.
    • Point Layer - the value is written to the Layout_Point_Layer parameter.
    • Enter a value for Point Description - the value is written to the Layout_Point_Description parameter.
  • Point Placement panel
    • Single Point - used to place one point.
    • Grid Point panel - used to place multiple points.
      • Offset Value - defines the distance the point(s) are placed from the center.
      • The offset checkboxes allow for one to four points to be placed.

NOTE: Hold SHIFT + Click to place points within a host element. This functionality only works with families and does not work with ITMs.

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