Point Manager Settings

Point Manager Settings


The Point Manager Settings area allows users to define and configure various settings regarding the point coordinates, backgrounds, and linked points.

  • eVolve tab ⮞ Resources panel ⮞ Settings menu ⮞Point Settings button

Window Overview

Origin panel

  • Origin menu - Changes the reference point system the X,Y,Z coordinates are based on. The rotation of the Project Base Point is to orientate the model to "True North"


  • Use True North checkbox - When checked, points are exported based on the Projects True North Orientation. If unchecked, the angle specified in the Origin option is used.
  • Include DWG Background checkbox - When checked, a .dwg file of the model containing all visible elements is exported to the same location and will have the same name as the point export file. Additionally, all linked models are bounded to the base model.
  • Include Linked Points checkbox - When enabled, points within any loaded linked models are displayed in the Point Manager.
    NOTE: Linked model points are read-only and are not editable.

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