Modify Package

The Modify Package feature gives you the ability to add/remove elements to/from a Package. It also gives you the ability to transfer elements from one Package to another.

Modifying a Package

  1. From the eVolve ribbon, in the Prefabrication panel, click Modify Package from the Package menu.
  2. In the drawing area, select the desired package by clicking any element that is in the package, then click Finish.
    1. To remove an element, select one of the existing parts within the package and it will be removed.
    2. To add an element, click elements that are not already a part of this package.

TIP: A plus will appear beside the pointer denoting that the element may be added to the selection. Once selected, when hovering over the same element, a minus symbol appears indicating the element may be removed from the selection.

  1. After all modifications to the package are complete, from the Options Bar, click Finish.

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