Spooling tips

  1. When defining multiple spools, the spool number is auto incremented.
  2. After exiting, the last spool number is remembered and auto incrementation continues when resuming Define Spool.
  3. Spools may be defined from the eVolve Electrical tab or the contextual ribbon
  4. The Create Sheet(s) on Finish checkbox is typically used when generating a few sheets. Use the Spool Manager if generating many sheets.
  5. When defining an assembly, existing assemblies cannot be added to the assembly.
  6. When defining an assembly:
    1. Typical Revit selection methods may be used.
    2. A single click adds all parts and pieces of nested families to an assemble. To “drill down” to a single item, hoover over the family and press the TAB key.
    3. The CTRL key does not need to be pressed to add elements to the assembly.
      1. When selected, elements are typically highlighted and blue in color. However, after being selected, some elements may not appear to be highlighted. Hoover the pointer over the element to verify the element has been added to the assemble.
      2. When hoovering, if an element has not been added a plus symbol (+) appears, click to add the element. If an element has been added, a minus symbol (-) appears, click to remove the element.

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