Foresite Login

When successfully logged in, a green circular indicator is displayed on top of the Login button.​

​When not logged in, a red circular indicator is displayed on top of a grayed Login button.​

NOTE: hovering over the Login button will display the user's login and online/offline status.

The License Info window displays the Foresite login information for the current eVolve user.

  • User Name - used to specify the Foresite user associated with the eVolve license.
  • Password - used to enter the password for the specified user.
  • Keep me signed in - when checked, the Foresite Login window is not displayed when Revit opens.
  • Forgot Password - opens the Foresite password reset page.
  • Login button - logs in the specified user.

Please visit the Foresite help documentation HERE for more infromation on how to manage EVOLVE licensing.

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