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Hanger Tools

There's a multitude of hanger commands offered in eVolve Electrical, including hanger placement automation. Whether single-tiered or multi-tiered, eVolve Electrical will have customizable options that will greatly increase efficiency and productivity.

Features Summary
  • Rule-based hanger placement
  • Specify type, size, and spacing
  • Automatic collision detection and correction
  • Automatic connectivity to structure
  • Insert Placement / Rod Adjustments
  • Automatic Point Placement
  • Manual placement via Family Browser still available

Hanger Placement

For performance, it is recommended to run Hanger Placement in a 3D view.

To use the Hanger Placement tool, make sure that the material to be placed on the hangers is already in the model.

  1. Configure the Specifications
  2. Click, the Hanger Placement button
  3. Select the path(s) to place hangers on
  4. Click, Finish in the options bar
  5. Click, Ok to review the support placement results

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