Cabling Schedule

eVolve Cabling Schedule

Once cable runs have been drawn and assigned, eVolve Electrical concatenates the device and cable data into the Project Cabling Schedule window. From the Project Cabling Schedule window, users can export to an Excel file for creating cut lists, adjust Error Check settings, and choose make-up lengths.

To Open the Project Cabling Schedule Window

1.       From the Cabling panel, in the eVolve Electrical ribbon, click the MC Cable button to open the MC Cable menu.

2.       From the MC Cable menu, click Cable Schedule.

To View or Change Make-Up Length Settings

From the Make-Up Length Tab, in the Project Cabling window, there are several adjustment fields. The fields within the Connection Types box allow the user to add or deduct cable lengths to device or load center ends to create custom length whips. The Rounding field allows for rounding complete cable lengths up a selected amount to add more adjustability to custom length whips.

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