Intro to Sleeves

EVOLVE provides a few tools which help users place, size and track sleeves.

Family Information

EVOLVE Sleeves are families found within the EVOLVE family browser, under the "Sleeve" Category. Only the EVOLVE sleeve families that contain a category of "Auto Sleeve" will work with the EVOLVE placement tools. There are two types of families:

  • Round - provides types by materials (EMT, RMC, PVC) along with a generic and link-seal option.
  • Rectangular - generic families, typically used for box-out locations.

The sleeve families all contain nested layout points and can be manually adjusted after placement.

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Single Placement

The EVOLVE Place Sleeve button is intended for "by selection" placement when users want to handle sleeves case by case. The placement interface allows users to define the sleeve type and sizing requirements. The feature will place sleeves at the intersection points of straight system families and walls/floors. There is also an option for users to pick the location of placement, for when there is no background/wall/floor present (this is typically used when having .dwg link backgrounds instead of .rvt files).

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Auto Placement

The EVOLVE Auto Place Sleeve feature is intended for creating rule-based sleeve placement, where users define the type of sleeve to be used when encountering specific types of walls/floors. For example, all conduit that passes through a structural foundation wall should get a link-seal type sleeve. The rules are created by project within the sleeve settings, these rules can be exported and shared across projects.

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