Convert to Box-Out

Convert to Box-Out


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  • eVolve tab ⮞ Sleeves panel ⮞ Convert to Box-Out button



Converting sleeves to a box out without specifying hosting elements

NOTE: The Place Sleeves feature allows for preselection, so if the desired run(s) are selected, the first two steps may be omitted.

  1. From the eVolve ribbon, in the Sleeves panel, click Convert To Box Out.
  2. From the drawing area, select the desired sleeve(s) and click 'Finish' in the Options Bar.
  3. From the Convert To Box Out window:
    1. In the Box Out panel, select the desired Family and Type.
    2. Note: If sleeve is not being hosted to a wall element than in the Oversizing panel, ensure the Do not require host to place box out checkbox is selected, then enter a value in the Total Length field. If the other values or options need to be set/modified, do so now.
    3. Click OK.
  4. The sleeves are converted to a box out, and a Notice window appears, displaying the results of the conversion.
  5. Click OK.

Window Overview

Load From Predefined menu

The menu displays existing rules within Sleeve Settings/Box Out; selecting a rule populates its values in the Box Out and Oversizing panels.

Box Out panel

  • Family menu - displays the available Sleeve families to use when converting.
    • Family requirements:
      • Family category = Conduit Fittings
      • eVolve_SubCategory = "Atuo Sleeve - Round" or "Auto Sleeve - Rectangle"
  • Type menu - based on the selected family, this menu displays available sleeve types.

Oversizing panel

The Box Out's default dimensions are determined by the host's depth, while the height and/or width are determined by the spacing and/or size of the selected element(s). The extension values increase the Box Out's default dimensions by the specified values.

  • Length - the value specified is added to the box out's default length calculation.
  • Total Length - defines the box out's overall length when the hosting requirement is removed.

  • Width - the value specified is added to the box out's default width calculation.
  • Depth - If applicable, the value specified is added to the box out's default depth calculation.

  • Do not require host to place box out checkbox - when selected, EVOLVE will not require the host element to be defined within the ruleset to place box outs.
  • Evaluate Insulation checkbox - when selected, if the host element is insulated, the box out dimensions are adjusted by the thickness of the insulation.

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