Auto Place Sleeves

Auto Place Sleeves

eVolve allows you to automate the time-consuming process of placing sleeves. As with hanger placement, our sleeve feature is dynamic and driven by user-defined rules and options under Sleeve Settings.

Features Summary
  • Rule-based sleeve placement
  • Create either generic or specified rule sets using element filter
  • Use a wide array of over-sizing options
  • Automatic alignment locking for seamless connectivity to elements
  • Automatic Point Placement
  • Specify Box-Out rules for runs that are within a spacing tolerance.

Using the Command

Sleeve placement does not support links that are manually moved into place. Linked models must align through project base points as well as standard project north alignment.

To use the Sleeve Placement tool simply first ensure

  1. Configure your Sleeve Settings
  2. Click, the Sleeve Placement button
  3. Select the elements to place sleeves on
  4. Click, Finish in the options bar
  5. Click, Ok to review the support placement results
If sleeves were placed but not shown, ensure the sleeve size corresponds to one within the lookup table for the family. Note you can add an entry if needed or switch to a sleeve that contains the needed size.

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