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When only a few sleeves need to be placed, there is no need to create an extra rule inside of Sleeve Settings. Simply use the Place Sleeves command for quick placement options.

  1. From the Sleeves panel, in the eVolve ribbon, click Place Sleeves.
  2. Select the locations to place the sleeves.
  3. Enter placement options

NOTE: The Place Sleeve's predefined selection filter can be modified via the Selection Configuration. Please see the link in the Relevant Articles below.

Load From Predefined panel

The menu displays existing rule sets within Sleeve Settings; selecting a rule automatically populates the values in the Sleeve and Extension Values panels.

Sleeve Panel

  • Family menu - specify which Sleeve Family to use.
  • Type menu - specify which family type to use for the sleeve

TIP: The Sleeve Family options will show any sleeves that is of the eVolve SubCategory Sleeves.

Extension Values panel

The sleeve's default dimensions are determined by the host's depth, while the height and/or width are determined by the spacing and/or size of the selected element(s). The extension values increase the sleeve's default dimensions by the specified values.

  • Depending on the sleeve type(rectangular or round), possible extension fields include:
    • Width
    • Height
    • Length
  • Do not require host to place sleeve checkbox - EVOLVE requires a hosting element defined in the sleeve rule set to place a sleeve; selecting this option removes that requirement.
    • Sleeve Length dialog box - used to define the overall sleeve length when the hosting requirement is removed.

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