eVolve Electrical v5.4.1


  • Downloads: http://evolvemep.com/downloads
  • Feedback and Ideas: https://www.evolvemep.com/evolve-electrical-ideas/
  • Support: https://www.evolvemep.com/contact-support/
  • Foresite: https://foresite.evolvemep.com/


  • Autodesk® Revit® 2020.2.7
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2021.1.6
  • Autodesk® Revit® 2022.1.0


The eVolve 5.4 release was focused on launching our new user based licensing system but as always we continue to enhance and create new features throughout the year. Here is the complete breakdown of what is in this release.



  • Layout Points
    • Point Status
    • Export Date
    • Point Layer
    • Export DWG
    • View Scope
  • Hangers
    • Handle Tee branches from not being processed during hanger placement.
    • Fixed hanger rod that may extend past structure in some situations.
    • Notify users when hanger families are not loaded.
    • Allow distance from end to be smaller than 4"
  • Sleeves
    • Fixed sleeve config that allows blank box out rule.
    • Sleeve placement not setting sleeve status.
    • Fixed sleeve height calculation.
    • Using 'Convert to Box Out' to replace rectangular sleeve fails.
  • Spooling and Packaging
    • Fixed error with multiple schedules in a package sheet.
    • Status not updating correctly.
    • Hide eV_PackageId column in schedules.
    • Prevent 'null' spool StatusDefinitions from being created.
    • Updated spool window family
  • Family Browser
    • Load Family conflict handling
    • Favorites and Recent work with Grid View
  • Parameter Sync
    • Define execution Scope
    • Add Description
    • PowerShell Context & Abort
    • Always run system param sync rules that contain PowerShell.
  • Element Filter
    • Internal Filtering option
    • Fix selection filter with top level OR's
  • Additional resource files available (C:\Program Files\eVolve\eVolve Electrical for Revit 20XX\Resources)
    • Delete Parameter macro
    • Sample Element Filters
    • Sample Parameter Sync Rules
    • Migrate Kitting Macro
  • Miscellaneous
    • Settings are now also accessible from each eVolve ribbon panel based on the features that are contained within it.
    • Ribbon icon updates
    • Updated EULA
    • Notify users on Bulk update when no rows are selected.
    • Handle shared parameter names containing reserved characters.
    • Fixed Revit short cut keys that do not work with stacked pulldown buttons.
    • Assign level notifies user of selections with read only level.
    • Bends settings now include bend spacing option per bend type.
    • Replaced/renamed/removed kitting parameters and replaced with LBS


  • Improved spool manager loading performance
  • Consolidate clash detection logic.
  • Logging framework updates.
  • Improved multi-traverse algorithm
  • Move spool cache to AppDomian
  • Selection filter based automation

📂Content Updates

  • New 2-Piece / Back to Back Smart Bend Families
  • Added New Point Parameters
  • Updated Template Schedules
  • Updated Titleblocks:
  • Updated Template:
    • Schedules re-versioned where applicable,
    • Object Styles cleaned up,
    • Old Project Parameters removed.
  • System Families
    • Updated with current bend families.
    • Added missing category/subcategory for some conduit.
  • Repaired point on 1-tier hanger
  • Added plastic push on bushing and plastic screw on bushing
  • Repaired strut end cap alignment
  • Repaired Autosleeve_Round description
  • Re-versioned Trapeze Hangers
  • Points and parameters cleaned up
  • Equipment Panel text fixed
  • Added painted and galvanized finish to all wireway along with mfg part numbers
  • Repaired sweep 90 offset to properly rotate
  • Added painted and galvanized finish to junction boxes w/knockouts
  • Added a RMC connection assembly
  • Universal Junction box have updated descriptions
  • Panelboard wireway families have updated wireway and a couple plane alignment and clearance issues were fixed
  • New Tags- Conduit Run- start/finish, # of wires, System
  • Added PVC long line to eE_CF_Coupling
  • Added new generator family, contains an optional pad Repaired
  • Redi-rail horizontal bend to not break at 36" size
  • Equipment clearances defaulted on
  • Re-versioned Duct Bank Template

🧠Technical Notes

Supported alongside installation of eVolve Mechanical v5.4

Compatibility issue with other addins

Our product uses DevExpress 20.2.7 for it's UI components. Any other Revit addin (regardless of vendor) installed on the client also using DevExpress but on a different version may cause crashes and/or unpredictable behavior with our product and/or the other addin. When this is the case, the user must either uninstall the other addin or contact the vendor to issue a new release with updated DevExpress references.

External communication

Access to the following must be allowed and unfiltered on all client machines:

  • api.evolvemep.com
  • app.pendo.io
  • cognito-idp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com

Unit precision

Content and/or default configurations shipped with the product use measurements of a set precision level. Revit projects must use (at a minimum) this precision level otherwise content and/or configurations may produce errors, incorrect results, or behave unpredictably.

Length units must be set to a precision of at least:

  • 1/16" in imperial
  • 0.001 m in metric

Configuration data will be saved against the precision level at the time of save, regardless of the precision level of the previous value.

For example, assume a configuration value is currently set to 2 1/32" and the current precision level is 1/16". When the user opens the configuration form, the value will show as 2 1/16". Upon the user clicking OK or Apply, the value will be saved as 2 1/16" even if the user did not explicitly update this particular value. The value will remain 2 1/16" even after the precision level is changed to 1/32", however at this point the user can update and save the configuration value as 2 1/32".

Configuration setting incompatibilities

  • Some feature's project configurations may not be compatible with previous versions. To prevent compatibility issues, all project members should be on the same version.
  • Previous defined configuration settings for Kitting are not transitioned to Location Configuration Settings. These settings will need to be updated in existing projects and new company standard values set, otherwise the system default values will be used.
    • Note that this only impacts configuration settings, not kitting (now location) data.
    • The file "KittingConfiguration.xml" is no longer used when default values are brought in.
  • If a user is actively using both 5.4 and a version prior on the same machine (across different versions of Revit), the following user machine configuration values will be erased/reset back to default after closing Revit where a previous version was loaded.
    • Foresite Login information
    • Message Center Settings
    • Reconnect Tolerance
    • Spool / Package / Locations last created print set name


When a license is disabled, the following automatic processes will not run which can cause the elements they update to become "stale" and/or lead to data issues:

  • Data protection prompts and integrity enforcement on elements with a Pre-Fab Package (eV_PackageId) assigned
  • Conduit Schedule (Parameter Push) run assignment and updates on modifications during modeling
  • System Families/Content
    • Update of eVolve_Description on modeled content
    • Working with Bends, Offsets, and Kicks may fail or produce incorrect results
    • Working with Family Hangers may fail or produce incorrect results
  • Spool Modeling
    • Deletion: disassociates parts, deletes generated spool sheets
    • Change monitoring: assists in monitoring spools on the document
      • If this is re-enabled in a session where spools have been modified then this must be rebuilt by either closing/reopening the model or by opening Spool Manager.
        Failure to do so can cause incorrect behavior with the execution and/or detection of spooling events.
    • Reset on Copy: when a spool is created via a copy from existing, associations of the "source" spool (packages, status, etc.) are removed from the new spool
  • Automatic control of product specific View Template parameters
  • Parameter Sync
  • Workset Manager
  • Macro Automation
  • Automatic Point Status updating


  • Family content, Parameter SyncWorkset Manager, and Macro Automation may not work correctly until a project is saved with a unique RVT file name.
  • If a Revit Workset referenced in a Workset Manager rule is deleted then Workset Manager configuration must be addressed immediately, otherwise elements may continue to be assigned to the deleted Workset.
  • A licensed version of Microsoft Excel must be installed on the local machine for some import/export functionality to work.
  • If both eVolve Electrical and eVolve Mechanical are installed on the same machine, Workstation Settings must have Enable PowerShell in Parameter Sync enabled within all products.
  • Background processes required for successful operation of the product are flagged as optional within Revit. If Revit fails to load them for any reason, the user will not be notified.

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